Friday, November 16, 2007

Say goodbye gall bladder

It has been awhile since I posted anything, so I decided to write about something.

Two weeks ago Thursday I started having severe pains in my stomach and back. They really hurt, and I have a fairly high tolerance to pain, after all I have given birth to four babies. By Saturday I was not feeling any better. My husband told me he was taking me to the ER. Of, course I was in tears because it was all so scary to me. I've never had to go to the ER before. Basically all they did at the hospital was give me some strong pain medicine and a pepcid ac. That night I felt pretty good. I was pain free...hmmm probably cause I was dopped up. Sunday the pain was back. Sunday night we noticed the whites of my eyes were yellow. I knew that couldn't be good. So, back to the ER we went, only this time we went to a different hospital. The hospital was great. They did blood work, ran tests, and hooked me to an IV with fluids. I also got more pain medicine. After we had been there for a couple of hours I was admitted to the hospital. The tears came back. I thought I'm only 31, I'm too young to be here. It turned out I had pancreatitis(i probably spelled it wrong). My liver, pancreas, and gall bladder were all inflamed. My enzymes were 7700 and a normal person is 65. For the next two days I was only given fluid through my IV. All I could have was ice chips. It took two days to get my enzymes under 1000. They won't do surgery until they are under 1000. It turned out my gall bladder was the cause of all my problems. It was full of stones. So, they took out my gall bladder. After the surgery I spent another two days at the hospital because of some minor complications.

I am so glad to be home with my kids and husband. I've never watched so much t.v. in my life. I am able to move around a lot easier, and each day I feel better. Gall bladder surgery is really common and most of the time it is an outpatient surgery, but not for me because of the pancreatitis. At least it is out and my gall bladder will never bother me again.

Hope none of you ever have to go through this cause it really sucks!!!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving