Thursday, February 21, 2008

Room to Roam

As a mom of four girls I never realized how wonderful having space would be until we got it. We are no longer all on top of each other. Everyone can spread out. Things are much calmer, and there is a place for everything. We moved almost two weeks ago into our dream house. It has everything the two of us has ever wanted. Everyone has their own room, there are 3, yes 3 full bathrooms, and an inground pool. We are in town, but at the same time we aren't. The house is on almost 3 acres, which the kids are loving. Unfortuntly our 12 yr old must have been tuning her dad out(this happens often at this age), and didn't hear him say "watch out for the poison oak". So, she has it on her arms, legs, and neck. So far so good no other cases of a poison oak outbreak have been reported. Julia the almost 8 yr old tells her sister. "I knew there was poisin oak, that's why I didn't wear shorts. I listened to dad". Then a couple of glares and smirks were exchanged between the two. Typical.

We went from about 1200 sq. ft to 3080sq. ft plus a bonus room over the garage. I pinch myself everytime I drive up the driveway. I can't wait to start painting and decorationg. It will take awhile. My goal is to do one room at a time. I'll have to put pictures up as I get rooms done. Right now the family room and dining room are totally empty, but it will stay that why for awhile. I want to get the girls room's done first. I still have to unpack our room. Over the weekend Steve and I used our bathtub. It is a 2 seater jacuzzi tub...OMG that was AWESOME!!! It was like we were in a hotel! Can't wait for this weekend.

We are on a hill, so our views are beautiful. Yesterday I looked out the window and I counted 26 wild turkeys in our yard, some of them had their feathers sticking up. The other night when we were driving up to the house there were three deer in our front yard. It is so cool to see the wildlife. I don't know if you can buy food for the deer or turkys, but I'm going to find out. I want to feed them!

Once I find my cord for my camera I will put some pictures up. This is the house that we will be in for at least the next 20-30 years!!! Which is totally exciting for me because I want my girls to be able to come home to the house they grew up in. I never had that, and I wish I did.

Heidi, if you and the fam ever want to come out and visit I have room for the 3 of you. I'd love to have you! Are you planning a summer trip to Spfld? The me and the girls will be there in July sometime after the 11th(our weddind anniv.)

More to come at a later date. Hope everyone is doing well.