Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Let's get this party started

I haven't blogged in FOREVER, and I thought it was about time to restart. I've kinda revamped my blog in hopes to turn it into more of a decorating blog. I really wasn't into the whole blog world, but recently I started reading other's peoples, and a light bulb went off... I need to do this too. I mainly read ones that have to do with decorating, crafting, or home ideas. I decided to do that with mine. I always have all these ideas swimming in my head, and now I'm going to try them out. Hopefully in time I will have some followers. I don't really know how often I'll post cause I'm a pretty busy gal...4 girls, a hubby, 1 Pekingese, 1 cat, and going to school part time...YAY I'm just a little busy. Somewhere in between I'm going to fit this blog in too!!! So here's to blogging, new friends, and lots and lots of projects...CHEERS!!!!!!!