Thursday, October 29, 2009

Drab to Fab...the story of a $5.00 chair

Yay for chair is done. I found this great chair at my favorite junk place for $5 dollas!!! I was almost jumping in the air when she told me, ok so I actually just gave her the biggest smile EVER and said SOLD. So, I took this beauty home with me, and I knew exactly what I was gonna do with him(this blog is PG, so keep your minds out of the gutter)LOL. Overall the chair was in really good condition, nothing needed to be fixed. It just needed a Joan Rivers overhaul minus the Joan Rivers price tag. I bought some black spray paint at Lowes, bought some industrial type fabric that kinda has a linen type look, and some black fabric paint. I used my 50% of coupon for the fabric, so I got 2 yds(which was way too much, but I wanted extra in case I screwed up).
1. First I took off the seat.
2. Gave the chair a good cleaning, and lightly sanded it.
3. Spray painted chair
4. took off old yuck dirty fabric
5. Removed pretty much all of the old staples, needle nose pliers were a big help, cause these staples are tough Little rascals.
6. I laid out my fabric and placed cushion on top, and cut out fabric.
7. My master plan was to stencil a M(first letter of my last name) on the seat. I only put a couple of staples in on 2 sides of the chair. Then I slipped in a piece of cardboard between cushion and fabric. That was in case the fabric paint bled through, it would go on the cardboard not the foam.
8. Cut out a stencil on my friend's cricut(Shout out to ASHLEY)
9. Taped stencil to fabric and stenciled away. I just use a cheapy foam stencil brush and go up and down. Can we easy? So easy.
10. Wait for it to dry.
11. A stapling I went. Make sure each side is pulled really really tight, think Joan Rivers face...ahhh yes now you all get it. The corners I wraped like a present and then stapled.
12. Put seat back on chair.

Overall the project was easy. That was my first time reupholstering anything. I had seen it on T.V. like a 1,ooo times, and knew I could do it. What I did learn is do not use gloss spray paint. It just doesn't look good, so I resprayed with satin spray paint, and oh yay, that was what I was looking for. Enjoy the pics, and I will accept questions.LOL

WHOOPS, my before and afters are in the wrong order...sorry, but I don't know how to change it.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pink and Green Perfection

Greetings everyone. Happy Friday!!! I thought I'd start my first post with my daughter Julia's bedroom. I really wanted that Potterybarn Kids look without the price tag. I am definitely a design on the dime type of gal, and over all the room turned out to be adorable. Sadly, I never got to totally complete the room because Life reared its head, and we moved. I do think I'm going to recreate the room in our new house, as soon as I have free time.LOL Anywhoo, I'm going to start out with what I did to the walls. After finding a pink polka dot quilt at TJ Maxx(my fav store) that I scored for $30.00 bucks plus 2 matching pillow shams for $12.99 each my design wheels started to turn. I talked to Julia about what colors she thought she'd like, and she picked green. I think green and pink is an awesome color combo, whether using light colors or bright colors. She and I headed to the paint store, and Miss J picked out a delightful shade of green. So, my sister-in-law to be and I started painting green. Once the walls were done my next plan of action was to paint a border on the wall. My inspiration came from an old decorating kids magazine. I painted two pink strips and between the stripes I painted different words...Believe...Dream...Love...Dance...Laugh. In between each word I stamped a flower. I also stamped dots on the pink stripes. Those stenciling foam brushes make the BEST dot makers. I use those little suckers all the time. The hardest part of the painted border was the measuring...ouch! Luckily I was able to convince my brother-in-law to do that for me. His measuring skills rock, and mine well lets not get into that right now. Another tip I learned is before you paint the stripes apply a thin layer of clear over the edge of your tape, it helps keep the paint from bleeding. It really works and saved me a lot of time which = fabulousness. I love love her room!!! It really suits her personality. The main thing that I didn't get done was her bed. I found a full size head and foot board on Craigslist for the bargain price of $15.00. Gotta love me some Craigslist. I just need to paint it white, and in my spare time I will get it done. I did paint a dresser, nightstand, chair, and desk for her(I need to take pics of). I just kinda ran out of steam for the bed. Well, I think that pretty much sums it up. Enjoy the pictures and if you have any questions...ask away!

Close up shot of the border. I wrote the words in pencil and then traced them with cheap craft paint.
Pink curtain panels form Target(another fav store) for $20.00

There are other little projects I did in her room that I will use as a Part 2 post, so there are more pictures to come. Hope you enjoy these for now!
Total cost for room-----$269.97
Quilt(TJ Maxx) $30.00
Pillow shams x 2(TJ Maxx) $25.98
Curtian panels(Target) $20.00
Curtian rod(Target)$24.99(I think)
nightstand(Craigslist) $24.00
bookcase(Craigslist) $50.00 (wish I'd have held out for a cheaper one)
dresser (My mom) FREE
paint $75.00