Saturday, December 8, 2007

O Sweet Child of Mine...

While I am not a huge Guns n Roses fan, I do like some of their classic songs...Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle, and O Sweet Child of Mine. Whenever my husband goes to Wal-mart alone, he tends to come home with an assortment of new CDs. His cd buying habits are equivalent to my purse buying. He is always buying cds that were popular when we were growing up, hence Guns N Roses. I decided to take the cd and listen to it on my way to take the kids to school.

I put the cd in. My oldest daughter looks at the cd case, examining it closely. She then releases an uuuugh! Keep in mind she is 12 and is into the Johas Brothers, High Musical soundtrack, Kelly Clarkson, so you get the idea. They way her "uuuugh" was uttered was so funny. It was full of disgust. It was equivalent to when my mom would play classical music in the car. I just found it to be a funny moment for me as a mom. Of course my kindergartner asked me to turn the music down because she couldn't hear her movie. I did. My brief moment of stepping back in time to being a junior high kid ended, but I would resume the moment shortly.

I dropped the kids off at school, and was alone in my car at last. I was to go shopping and free to listen to my music as loud as I wanted to. Now picture this...Here I am driving in my Nissan Quest mini-van, wearing a striped long sleeve tee, corduroy blazer, jeans, and ballet flats, and rocking out to Guns N Roses!!! It was an awesome moment even if it only lasted a few minutes. I felt liberated belting out the lyrics to O Sweet Child of Mine in my best Axel Rose voice. What a moment. It was my theme song for the day. Everyone should have one, and everyone should have a moment. All day in my head I'd sing that song. I felt great!!!

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Heidi said...

Oh my gosh, my brother got me the GNR greatest hits and I blast out to Sweet Child of Mine when I'm working out.

The picture you posted reminds me of us being goofy in high school-