Friday, October 2, 2009

Pink and Green Perfection

Greetings everyone. Happy Friday!!! I thought I'd start my first post with my daughter Julia's bedroom. I really wanted that Potterybarn Kids look without the price tag. I am definitely a design on the dime type of gal, and over all the room turned out to be adorable. Sadly, I never got to totally complete the room because Life reared its head, and we moved. I do think I'm going to recreate the room in our new house, as soon as I have free time.LOL Anywhoo, I'm going to start out with what I did to the walls. After finding a pink polka dot quilt at TJ Maxx(my fav store) that I scored for $30.00 bucks plus 2 matching pillow shams for $12.99 each my design wheels started to turn. I talked to Julia about what colors she thought she'd like, and she picked green. I think green and pink is an awesome color combo, whether using light colors or bright colors. She and I headed to the paint store, and Miss J picked out a delightful shade of green. So, my sister-in-law to be and I started painting green. Once the walls were done my next plan of action was to paint a border on the wall. My inspiration came from an old decorating kids magazine. I painted two pink strips and between the stripes I painted different words...Believe...Dream...Love...Dance...Laugh. In between each word I stamped a flower. I also stamped dots on the pink stripes. Those stenciling foam brushes make the BEST dot makers. I use those little suckers all the time. The hardest part of the painted border was the measuring...ouch! Luckily I was able to convince my brother-in-law to do that for me. His measuring skills rock, and mine well lets not get into that right now. Another tip I learned is before you paint the stripes apply a thin layer of clear over the edge of your tape, it helps keep the paint from bleeding. It really works and saved me a lot of time which = fabulousness. I love love her room!!! It really suits her personality. The main thing that I didn't get done was her bed. I found a full size head and foot board on Craigslist for the bargain price of $15.00. Gotta love me some Craigslist. I just need to paint it white, and in my spare time I will get it done. I did paint a dresser, nightstand, chair, and desk for her(I need to take pics of). I just kinda ran out of steam for the bed. Well, I think that pretty much sums it up. Enjoy the pictures and if you have any questions...ask away!

Close up shot of the border. I wrote the words in pencil and then traced them with cheap craft paint.
Pink curtain panels form Target(another fav store) for $20.00

There are other little projects I did in her room that I will use as a Part 2 post, so there are more pictures to come. Hope you enjoy these for now!
Total cost for room-----$269.97
Quilt(TJ Maxx) $30.00
Pillow shams x 2(TJ Maxx) $25.98
Curtian panels(Target) $20.00
Curtian rod(Target)$24.99(I think)
nightstand(Craigslist) $24.00
bookcase(Craigslist) $50.00 (wish I'd have held out for a cheaper one)
dresser (My mom) FREE
paint $75.00

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Love the room...super cute!